Sushi Recipe – In a Few Easy Steps

Sushi Recipe – In a Few Easy Steps

Sushi is one of the simplest, easiest and not to mention the healthiest Japanese food to make. It is a delightfully delicious and one of the famous traditional recipes that can be prepared in just a few easy steps.

What you need?

You can make sushi with a lot of ingredients. But, it comprises of a few core ingredients. These include short-grained Japanese sushi rice, nori, (sheets of green seaweed) and vegetables that you need to put in the sushi roll. You also would require some vinegar, sugar, and salt for the seasoning.

You can easily get these ingredients in a supermarket, and if you are not willing to go out, then you can sit back and order them online.

First Step

Preparing sushi rice takes time. Thoroughly rinse the sushi rice and soak them in water for around ½ hour. This will allow the rice grains to soften and hence cook properly. For the quantity; around 2 cups of rice are quite enough to prepare 4 of full maki rolls.

Second Step

During the time of soaking the sushi rice, you can prepare the other components. Although traditional sushi does not include fish several varieties make use of fish also. You can make use of yellowfin tuna, salmon, squid or eel. Ensure to use fresh sushi-grade fish. In addition to fish, you may also like to add avocado, cucumber, green onion, cream cheese, and spicy sauces to your sushi.

Third Step

Prepare the rice in a cooker that will make them perfect to be used in a sushi roll.

Fourth Step

Cooking the rice will take some time. During that, you can prepare the rice seasoning by making use of the rice vinegar, sugar, and salt. Take 3 and1/2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt and put all of these in a saucepan and heat until the sugar and salt dissolve in the vinegar. Add this mixture to the rice. It gives the rice its notable sweet and sour flavor.

Fifth Step

After the rice is cooked, put them in a wooden bowl very carefully as you don’t want to crush any of the grains. Using a wooden bowl is necessary before you add the seasoning as the vinegar can react with the metal. When the rice is in the bowl, drizzle the seasoning, and instead of stirring cut it with a wood spoon. This will help the rice grains to get coated with the seasoning.

Sixth Step

Let the rice cool down as you will need cool rice to work with when making sushi.

Seventh Step

When the rice cools, you can take a small chunk of it and spread it over the nori sheet. Nori sheet has one shiny side and the other rough side. Spread the rice evenly on the rough side of the nori sheets. Lay the other ingredients on the middle bottom of the nori. Roll the sheet with equal pressure all over and seal it with a little water.

Cut the sushi rolls with a sharp knife and serve with soy sauce, wasabi, and ginger.

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