Top Tips for Choosing a Reliable Removal Company

Top Tips for Choosing a Reliable Removal Company

You might be considering moving yourself: Perhaps hiring a van, piling up the car, asking friends to help, etc. However, opting for a reliable removal company will usually be the most stress-free way to relocate. Not only are they fully equipped for the task they also have the experience it takes to make sure everything runs smoothly – And that’s the key word here: Experience. Compare it to changing your shower head. Hey, you might have picked up a few plumbing skills and can follow the instructions on the box. But we are talking a new bathroom here! And that’s a whole new ball game…

Reputation Matters…

While it might be tempting to crawl Facebook or the local classifieds for a “man with a van”, generally speaking this is a pretty unreliable way to do things – often it is simply too hard to get a real idea of their reputation. Initially, it might seem an inexpensive way to move those bigger items but it could “cost” more in the long run. Imagine the scenario. Their van breaks down at 8.30am leaving you on the driveway.  At 10pm you are supposed to be handing over the keys. Who pays for the last minute removals? Not to mention the psychologist to repair the emotional damage! Opting for a reputable and so reliable removal company takes away the “chance” element. They have a proven track record, insurance and more than one van – Priceless. Mr Kirby from Sprint removals of Bristol, offers a local Bristol removals service and says your reputation is the main factor in driving the company forward

Price Matters….

Just because a removal company is expensive, this is no real indicator of their reliability. Compare quotes as well as reputation. Indeed, be just as suspicious of extremely high quotes as unbelievably low ones. Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. If it is low, why and how is it so low? Does that mean their service is all a tad “hit and miss”? How many vehicles do they have? How long have they been established? Are they insured? If the quote seems high ask what you are getting for the price? What extras are you getting? To be able to compare properly it is best to get at least three quotes. Most removal companies will provide a quote for free so nothing lost, but without doubt, everything to gain.


Not all companies include packing services. It might seem a somewhat daunting task but it’s really not so tricky using a little forethought and basic common sense. In reality, it would be a shame to reject a reliable removal company simply because they do not offer packing services. Ensure you have the correct size boxes to fit. Bubble wrap is an excellent way to provide extra protection for fragile items. Items should be packed tightly, but not so tight a light squeeze will crush them. If they are falling around in the box accidents can, and probably will, happen. Regardless of how experienced the removal company is, if you do not pack your items well chances are, something might get broken. Take your time and do it properly – then all you need to do is sit back and let your removal company take it from there!

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