Different Windows That Will Help Improve Your Home Renovation

Different Windows That Will Help Improve Your Home Renovation

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Most of us think that a window is a simple pane of glass stuck into a frame. But when it comes to home renovation, it plays a vital role in upgrading the looks of the house. There are a variety of windows to upgrade in accordance to renovate your house. Accordingly, you have to choose the style of the window according to your own space.  


A casement window has a single sash that rotates outward on the left or right side of the frame. To create a double door like a window, two can be paired up next to each other.  


They are commonly used in bathrooms and basements. It is similar to casement windows with the only difference that its hinges are located at the bottom of the frame.  


A slider window has sashes that slide horizontally. It has two panels in which either one or both slides can move or three panels with the static middle section and two sliding ones on the side.  


As you are expecting, it is in an arch shape. Many arch windows can’t be opened but some have casement-style panes. They are usually added on top of rectangular for some self-assurance. 


They are usually used for decorative purposes. They are usually seen in home rose windows in Gothic Cathedrals.  


These windows are for safety mainly. In case your primary exit like a door is blocked due to any reason, you can escape out of it.  

Glass Blocks 

It was most popular in the 70s but is also trending nowadays. It has thick blocks of glass that bring natural light but allows privacy. They don’t open or close. They are mainly used in bathrooms and exteriors.

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