How Marijuana Affects the Brain and Body

How Marijuana Affects the Brain and Body

People who consume marijuana already know how it impacts their different body parts. But as there is an increase in health benefits of marijuana, people have started taking it as a medicine. There are many offline and online medical marijuana Canada stories which are authorized by the government to sell cannabis products. But before adding it to your daily routine, you should at least know how it affects your brain and body. So, here is the description knowledge about marijuana and its impact on the human body.

What is Marijuana?

People who take it as a harmful and illegal drug should note that today, various research has found it to be highly effective in curing different health issues. Marijuana is basically the collection of shredded leaves, stems and flower buds that are crushed together and used to cure body problems. As per the research, numerous diseases including cancer can be easily cured with the proper intake of cannabis medicine.

Brain: The regular consumption of marijuana targets the neurotransmitters in the human brain i.e. dopamine. It has been found that with the overdose of marijuana, the dopamine count decreases that cause numerous memory related issues. If the intake of cannabis continues for long without proper prescription, you might face depression with an unhappy mood as well as other memory loss like problems.

Lungs: People who are habitual to smoking find various lung related issues. But in terms of marijuana, you will be amazed to know that consuming marijuana increases your lung potential and makes it stronger as compared to ordinary people. But taking cannabis continuously will be bad for your health and cause coughing after a particular age.

Heart: The impact of marijuana on the human heart is a complex topic that has no clear answer at present. Where some studies have shown that consuming marijuana increases the risk of heart attack, some other research has revealed that no such harm is encountered with regular cannabis intake. So, whether cannabis will impact your heart or not, it’s a big confusion that require more research.

Appetite: This is the most common effect that is faced by the people. Regular intake of cannabis causes excessive hunger even when you aren’t feeling so. Marijuana encompasses CBD and THC that activates the appetite hormones in your body and makes you feel hungry. But when you continue taking it for long, you can face excess hunger that can make you out of control.

There are many other body parts where the intake of marijuana makes an impact. But if you are taking it as per the prescription, you will never experience adverse effects. Instead, your body will get rid of common health problems.

In the end, you should always note that overdose of marijuana will always be harmful to you. In some of the rare cases, death has been experienced as the end of cannabis overdose. So, you are suggested to avoid taking it until you are prescribed to do so. And even when you are told to take cannabis medicines, clear your doubts related to your health and cannabis. It’s important to take care of your body and use any drug/medicine to earn healthy body.

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