Recovering from a Caesarean Section: Signs You Need to Call Your Doctor

Recovering from a Caesarean Section: Signs You Need to Call Your Doctor

Childbirth is a fascinating but a complicated process. Sometimes, you may not be able to deliver a baby normally, necessitating the application of a surgery to deliver a child or set of children. This is referred to as a caesarean section or C-section. The New York hospital commits itself to safe C-section process to safeguard the health of the mother and that of the newly born. Most importantly, it focuses on the successful recovery of the mother so that they can also deliver successfully in case of a future pregnancy.  Recovery can be long and tedious, and the following are some clear indications that you need your when recovering from a C-section at home:

Oedema, Redness and Pus of the Incisions

After being discharged from a C-section, doctors expect that you will recover normally with some specific prescriptions. However, this is not always the case. It is normal to develop complications depending on how your body responds to medication and post-surgical procedures. Redness, oedema (swelling) and pus in the areas where the cuts were made are indications that you need to call your doctor. They are a result of infection post-surgery infections and the body’s poor response to the prescribed drugs. Calling in a doctor will ensure that you get a more effective dose and professional advice on how to handle the body’s response.

Swelling of the Pelvic Area and Legs

Swollen legs and pelvic areas are another sign that you need to call your doctor. They are an early indication of a severe complication referred to as pulmonary embolism. In this case, blood clots gradually after the C-section and forms small solid plates that can travel all the way to the lungs and cause breathing difficulties. Calling a doctor ASAP ensures that they will administer blood thinners in good time to keep your blood in its desired liquid state. The New York hospital delivers effective blood thinners such as Warfarin for a quick recovery from this condition.

Bleeding from the Vagina

Bleeding several days after the recovery is not normal. Heavy loss of blood after a C-section can lead to shock and even death. Since caesarean sections are an intense surgical process, continuous bleeding from the vagina could be an indication of raptured blood vessels. It is imperative to call in a doctor as soon as possible to avert a near-death situation.


Fever after a C-section can result from allergies, bad reaction to medicine or food. By calling in a doctor, you can change to the right medicines and start eating right to hasten the process of recovery.

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