Santa Clara Termite Exterminator

Santa Clara Termite Exterminator

No matter how well-to-do or in-high-demand a residential area may be, termites may ready (if not already around) to move in.  Although other pests may also be worth keeping an eye on, termites are a very special kind of pest.  These critters can not only move in surreptitiously (sometimes not giving homeowners any significant clues to go by), but can in a very short time inflict substantial damage to a home or building, according to Santa Clara termite exterminator

Meanwhile, they’re hard to keep out and, once in, almost impossible to get rid of without professional assistance.  Here are some other important facts to keep in mind:

–What to look for from the best termite exterminators?

  • A free home assessment or inspection
  • Online payment options
  • Prompt, courteous & competent service
  • Guaranteed services
  • Licensed technicians
  • Bonded & insured extermination service
  • The latest, state-of-the-art equipment & fumigation techniques & materials
  • Highest safety precautions in the industry
  • Generally good online reviews
  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • A good reputation
  • Years of faithful service to their community

–There are several different types of termites.  Make sure that the exterminators you hire are familiar with and can handle the type of termites in question.

–One-time treatments may simply not do when it comes to termites.  In general, you will need a comprehensive, long-term plan that includes an aggressive first response that pretty much obliterates the nests; secondly, you will need an on-going termite control program which can make sure that termites don’t re-establish themselves on your property.  If they do, however, swift action can be taken to again do away with these persistent but able-to-be-defeated pests.

–The best termite extermination services will work with home and business owners to develop a budget/payment plan that is affordable and convenient.  In many cases, financing can be arranged.

–There is no one-size-fits-all termite extermination solution.  The best termite extermination services know that—accordingly, they strive to tailor every solution to the special circumstances, needs and demands of their valued customers.  When looking around, look for exterminators that provide individualized, custom-designed, and specific-to-the-situation termite control solutions. 

–What warranty does the termite extermination service provide?  Don’t assume that all warranties are alike—they’re not.  The best exterminators offer a long warranty that will keep you covered for a good while.


–Make sure that the Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection you get is thorough and competently done.  How can you tell?  A good inspection will include hard-to-get-to areas of your home, including attics, crawl spaces, garages, basements, etc. After the inspection has been completed, you should be provided with a long list of items that were inspected on your behalf.

–It should not be necessary to create any damage to your home during the inspection process, including drilling into such things as non-wood containing items.  There are tell-tale signs that inspectors look for, including excessive moisture in some areas, wood shavings, insect droppings, etc.

–Although inspectors should not do any damage to your home, they may use a blunt probe to test the structural integrity of wood surfaces.  This process may reveal damage that termites may have already done.

–The termite inspection report will include lots of important information, including, possibly, the existence of termites or the evidence of termites having been on the premises at some point.  The report may include the discovery of dry rot or fungus, other wood boring insects, and structural damage to the house. The report may also find reasons for possible future infestations.   

–The termite inspection report should provide an itemized list of proposed remedies/solutions for the damage (if any) discovered, for the treatment of any infestations presently on the premises, as well as a comprehensive plan (if deemed appropriate) on how to keep the premises free from termites in the foreseeable future. 

–Will your property be better served with local termite treatment control or with whole-structure control. The first involves just treating the affected area; the second is much more involved and generally involves using tent-covering fumigation or heat treatments.  The former is cheaper, less intensive, quicker & can be adequately effective in controlling termites if they have limited their attacks to specific areas.  The latter is much more expensive, comprehensive and time-consuming. 

–Make sure you are informed as to the products that will be used on your premises.  Some of those products are boron-based; these are good prevention measures against termites and other wood-boring insects.  Exterminators can also use things like Termidor (with Fipronil), which can be useful for active/live infestations.  You should be told what chemicals will be used on your home simply so that you can look it up and be aware of its power, possible dangers and effects in the long run on the environment.  Every chemical has efficacy ratings based on geographic location, types of termites in question and the special needs/conditions of the property in question. 

–The treatment mode and type matter.  To treat dry wood termites, for example, holes are drilled so that the treatment may be placed into the infested wood.  For other infestations, however, special dusts or foams may be used.  Good termite exterminators make sure that the treatments they use harm only the termite and not the residents, their pets or plants. 

 When it comes to termites, ignorance isn’t bliss.  In fact, the more knowledgeable you are, the better equipped you will be to confront termites.  Because they are so tricky to find and kill, however, no amount of knowledge on your part can replace the special skills, equipment and expertise that professional termite exterminators will offer you.  In fact, if you want to get rid of termites, you will need the help of Santa Clara termite exterminator services.

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