What You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Dry Air Cooler

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Dry Air Cooler

Summer is beautiful. Everyone enjoys the good weather as you are able to spend time relaxing outside in the fresh air. However, the summer sun can be too hot sometimes. Spending time in the house when cooking or sleeping can be challenging with the heat. That is why people opt to buy air coolers. Having an air cooler will guarantee you chilled, circulated air in enclosed areas, at a faster rate. So, what should you look at when getting an air cooler? This article lists four crucial factors to consider before purchasing an air cooler.


How cool (excuse the pun) is it that you’d be able to have dry air cooling in different areas of your house? Inquire if the dry air cooler you are about to buy can move from room to room before you pay for it. It would be useful for the air cooler to beportable, in that you can move it from the kitchen to the living room, or to the bedroom, at whichever time you please. Castors present on air coolers make portability easy. With the castors, the cooler can control the airflow to different sections of the room as they are flexible enough to rotate the cooler. Desert air coolers are different from portable air coolers, as they are mounted around the window.

Cooling Location

The space that needs cooling is one of the major factors one should consider when getting an air cooler. Analyse the size of your room and see if the cooler you want is fit enough. A smalls air cooler in a large room will only consume massive energy and may not work as it should. Know the cooling capacity and examine the space of the room. You can do this by measuring the size of the room you plan on having an air cooler.

Variable Speed

You, of course, want different levels of dry air cooling. A good air cooler will give you the option for regulating the speed. You should be able to balance the levels for the best cooling impact. A dry air cooler with constant speed is not ideal. Variable speed options enable the fan to reduce the speed after the room gets to be cool enough. This is good as the electricity consumption will be reduced.

Thickness of the Pad

The pads are found on three parts of the cooler, which are important in dry air cooling. The best pads are at least 90mm thick for maximum performance. Thin pads will limit the amount of cool air you get as pads are wet with water that is sprinkled by a water pump.

Be sure to look at the features of a dry air cooler before buying one. Understand your needs and the room you will be using it in to avoid disappointments after buying. You can easily beat the summer heat by purchasing an air cooler, online or in physical stores. It really is worth the spend to feel comfortable in the heat.

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